Now you can reduce downtime and significantly extend the life of components in high wear applications. TWD is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality, competitively priced custom wear parts, formed from tungsten carbide or other materials as the task demands. We have, over many years, developed industry leading expertise in the mounting, grinding, forming and finishing of tungsten carbide wear parts built to exacting specifications. We can fabricate life extending wear parts that will resist erosive wear, abrasive wear, and corrosive environments. The applications for custom wear parts are as varied as the industries we serve; we have developed wear solutions for challenges in the following sectors:

• aerospace
• agriculture
• automation
• bottling
• brick making
• concrete manufacturing
• conveyor systems
• hydraulic applications
• material handling and processing
• medical

• military and defence
• OEM products
• oil and gas components
• power distribution
• power generation
• steel processing
• transportation
• And so on…


Changing tool steel to high quality tungsten carbide can extend component life up to 25 times and lead to dramatic reductions in downtime in critical parts of the line. And that will improve your bottom line.


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